Résumé du cours

This online course takes you into the heart of hotel financial analysis. You will acquire an understanding of the main elements of financial statements and, at a managerial level, develop your ability to interpret financial statements and key performance indicators (KPIs).

Ce que vous apprendrez

Translate transactions into financial statements Review financial reporting process and standards Build a cash flow statements and analyze company financials using ratios Review ratio analysis, common-size analysis and cross-sectional analysis Analyze profitability using EPS, margins, ROA, ROE ratios and hospitality related metrics

Détails du cours

À qui s'adresse ce cours?

Week 1 The basic financial reports Financial reporting mechanics Financial reporting Week 2 Focus on assets Focus on liabilities and shareholders’ equity Week 3 Cash flow analysis Financial analysis tools and techniques Liquidity and solvency analysis Week 4 Profitability analysis Costs and decision-making Week 5 Final assessment