Résumé du cours

If you have spent years working in culinary arts and gastronomy and you feel that it's time to raise the level of your career or you want to deepen your knowledge in culinary arts, this Master in Culinary Arts and Kitchen Management is your best choice.

Ce que vous apprendrez

In this Master you will learn to manage a kitchen, you will delve into culinary techniques and discover the latest in gastronomic innovation, without forgetting pastry or the preparation of complete menus for special celebrations. The Master in Culinary Arts and Kitchen Management (60 ECTS) is divided into five modules, plus the Final Project and the professional internships in prestigious and Michelin-starred restaurants worldwide.

Détails du cours

À qui s'adresse ce cours?

Acquire knowledge of the administration and kitchen management of a cooking department. Learn how to apply different cooking techniques depending on the type of traditional cuisine, modern, on the cutting edge and thematic. Learn how to apply the newest culinary techniques: vacuum cooking, molecular cooking, cooking with nitrogen, etc. Know and analyse the experiences and trends in creativity and innovation in cooking. Be informed on the culinary trends, apply creative processes in the kitchen and constant research. Be in command of document processes planning cuisine of any category of events and control costs. Apply systematization and standardization processes in the development of the cuisine for different types of events.