Louis Cirelli Program Manager

Lou joined HRC as a program manager in 2018. His job is to look for the best hospitality employers in the USA to build the company’s unique portfolio of partners. Lou relies upon his extensive network of first-class hotels and restaurants so that HRC can provide unparalleled experiences for all their candidates.

HRC’s partners in the USA are mainly high-end and luxury properties and must meet rigorous criteria. When evaluating each property, Lou makes sure it not only offers exceptional training opportunities across multiple departments, but it can also expose candidates to American culture. This is crucial for hospitality prospects as they can capitalize on the cultural differences and use their experiences when studying or working in the future.

Lou oversees the two types of programs HRC offers in the USA. They are the 12 month training and supervisory program, and the 18 month management program. As he points out, the USA’s enormous hospitality market makes HRC’s programs truly special and valuable. With so many unique opportunities, candidates get the chance to have life-changing experiences they couldn’t find anywhere else.

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