American Hotel Academy Romania

American Hotel Academy Romania

Brașov, Romania

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American Hotel Academy was founded in 2007 in Brasov, Romania as the first international hotel management school in the country with the main purpose of offering education & training in hospitality to Romanian students interested in pursuing global careers.

We believe in blending professionally - oriented education with applied skills training within an international setting in a variety of hospitality management disciplines that are not available at many traditional higher education institutions. This is the foundation on which the school has been built and this is how we help our students to achieve their career goals.

The final result we are aiming for is a global group of alumni who will become the future corporate leaders and entrepreneurs who will further expand and reinvent the hospitality industry.

    Number of students Bachelor / Master
    300 / < 50
    Number of Alumni Bachelor / Master
    100 / < 20
    Number of students on internship
    Female / Male
    60 % / 40 %
    Average age of students
    18 - 27
    Graduation dates
    Internship start dates
    May 1st
    Internship duration
    4 - 5 months, 6 - 18 months
    Number of required internships Bachelor
    Internship types
    1st Year - operational; 2nd Year - operational and back of the office
    Top nationalities
    Romanian and Moldavian
    E.g. spa, culinary, etc.
    Main region of interest
American Hotel Academy Romania

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