Superior University School of Culinary Arts

Superior University School of Culinary Arts

Lahore, Pakistan

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School of Culinary Arts of Superior University offers specialized courses in Culinary Arts for a rewarding and fulfilling experience in food connoisseurship. Our mission to meet the rising demands of the contemporary culinary and hospitality industry is informed by our commitment to make Pakistan a culturally and economically superior nation. We offer beginner to expert-level courses for chefs, professionals, and amateur food enthusiasts. At our School of Culinary Arts, students are trained and taught by internationally acclaimed Master Chefs who have worked in top-level positions in the world’s best cuisines and restaurants. We offer comprehensive programs encompassing practice sessions, demonstrations, and theoretical courses. Our students benefit from the vast cultural knowledge and expansive culinary repertoire of our team of food experts to write their own recipes and bring innovation to existing practices by making informed and calculated culinary decisions.

    BS. Culinary Arts Management
    Major subject concentration

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