Rotterdam, Netherlands

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Zadkine Hospitality and Tourism is a training centre that provides training courses for the sectors Tourism, Bakery, Leisure & Hospitality, Hotel, Restaurant/Catering and Facility management at secondary vocational level. The courses are offered at various locations in
Rotterdam. Our students have the choice between a BOL training programme (secondary vocational training school based) and a BBL training programme (workbased).
In the BOL programme the student studies at the college full time, a traineeship is included. In the BBL programme the student works in an accredited company and comes to college one day a week for the theory part of the programme. Within these programmes it is possible to graduate at various levels. On the basis of a level 4 certificate the student qualifies for entering a higher vocational education course.

• Travel agency clerk
• Travel agency manager Leisure & Hospitality
• Leisure & Hospitality host
• Leisure & Hospitality executive Restaurant/Catering
• Catering assistant
• Waiter/Waitress
• Chef
• Chief kitchen manager
• Restaurant manager
• Specialised restaurant chef

• Bakery assistant
• Bread & pastry baker
• All round bread & pastry baker
• Pastry baker (specialist) Hotel
• Hotel, restaurant and catering manager/entrepreneur
• Manager/entrepreneur café/bar Facility management
• General facility employee
• Facilities manager


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