Course overview

As real estate asset manager, you are steward of an owner's property, responsible for managing it to help achieve the owner's goals and increase its value. To guide you in this challenging role, you need a comprehensive road map for decision making: the Asset Management Strategic Plan.

What you will learn

Learn what a real estate asset manager does, how to determine which management approach to take depending on the type of asset and owner, and how to organize critical activities like site visits and review meetings Start building an asset management strategic plan by analyzing internal and external factors that will affect performance (the SWOT analysis), as well as market and competitive position Explore ways to enhance asset value by examining successful value enhancement projects and creating your own proposal Assess progress toward strategic goals by using an operational assessment and reviewing critical financial analysis practices Develop an exit strategy based on asset performance as well as market and corporate factors

Course details

Who is the course for?

This course focuses on teaching you how to build this strategic plan and on developing your understanding of the asset manager role, its activities, and different management approaches. Beyond best practices and expert insights, this course also provides you with ample opportunities to practice new skills and an applied toolkit for real-world real estate asset management.
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