Hosco for schools

We bring the industry together into a single platform so you can maximize your community’s visibility, employability and satisfaction

  • Boost your visibility

    Through branded profiles, news, followers and more, your school, students and alumni will gain visibility in the hospitality industry internationally

  • Place your talents

    A wide variety of international opportunities is offered thanks to our portfolio of global hospitality companies. Talents can be both found and easily reached out to by top recruiters

  • Guide your talents

    Career coaching, city guides and industry insights will help your students and alumni grow, develop and become the professionals they have always wanted to be

Go even further with our FIRST MEMBERSHIP

  • Manage your career center

    Efficiently manage and control the placement of your students through the Hosco network; the perfect mix to maximize your resources, branding and community satisfaction

  • Manage your alumni

    The ideal partner to successfully attract, engage and manage your alumni network. You enjoy the latest technology and your tool is constantly being improved

  • Make Hosco your team

    Our team of experts becomes an extension of yours. You are continuously supported and your success becomes ours