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Concierge Jobs in Geneva

Now is the time to apply for a concierge job in Geneva, Switzerland’s largest French-speaking city. If you are looking to join a top-level concierge team, look no further than Geneva, where plenty of luxury hotels and resorts are in need of polished and experienced concierge professionals.

Start your search for a Geneva concierge position today on Hosco, where you can view jobs displayed by location

If you live for providing excellent service to demanding international guests, Geneva may be the perfect place to one your concierge skills with a job at one of its many award-winning 5-star hotels. Geneva offers a high quality of life and workers in the hospitality sector benefit from above-average salary levels. As a concierge in Geneva, you’ll be responsible for working directly with guests, including both international tourists and business travellers, all of whom will need information, assistance and recommendations from sunrise to sunset. To begin your search for a concierge job in Geneva, apply on Hosco, where you can get well-acquainted with companies and view job descriptions with information on start date, salary and qualifications.

Learn while working as a Geneva concierge

Concierge jobs in Geneva are highly sought after, and team members must be fluent in both French and English to be considered. Fluency in a third or fourth European language, and even in Arabic, is a huge plus. If you have the language skills in addition to experience in providing service representative of a 5-star luxury property, a job as a Geneva concierge could be waiting for you. To find the perfect position, log in to your Hosco account to create email alerts, view open positions and reach out to other members of the Geneva hospitality community.