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Waiter / Waitress jobs in Geneva

Have you got a passion for food and providing great service? Do you want to work in an exclusive place in a vibrant European city? Then apply to be a waiter in Geneva!

Apply to become restaurant staff or a restaurant manager!

Bored of your office job in sales and marketing? Fed up of your dull customer-service role in a store or garden centre, for example, when you could work near a beach or falls instead? Do you love travel and fine dining? Many hotels in Geneva are now hiring enthusiastic, talented people and offering great positions to those who want to make it in the hospitality industry. There are waiter jobs in Geneva available with a variety of renowned international hotel groups, who all provide great training and development opportunities. So, apply now to start your career in fine-dining with an exciting hotel restaurant job in Geneva, one of Switzerland’s most exciting cities, and see your career flourish; you may even end up becoming a world-class chef!

Work in a beautiful place abroad and train to become a top food and beverage assistant!

Geneva is a diverse city, long ago established as a hub for international organisations. If you want to be the face that people remember, are passionate about food and drink, and have high ambitions, then a waiter or waitress job in Geneva is the certainly role for you! The ideal candidate will be confident in taking orders, able to work in a front-of-house role and make decisions independently. Whether you are looking for waiter jobs in a city like Geneva, on a beach in Miami or in a hotel restaurant in Turkey, Hosco is there for you. Use Hosco to search for hospitality roles and get jobs emailed to you for a variety of locations, whether it be in Switzerland, Indonesia, or even the West Indies! New job postings appear every week, so apply now and start your new career today!