Certificate in Hospitality Digital Marketing

Certificate in Hospitality Digital Marketing

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Course overview

Marketing encompasses the various ways you communicate, differentiate, and reinforce your hospitality brand promise to potential customers. In the hospitality industry, the world of digital marketing is opening doors no one knew existed and driving customer engagement, feedback, and endorsements faster than ever.

What you will learn

Assess the role of marketing in your organization Identify how your organization can best counter the challenges associated with marketing for services Discover how to make pricing more variable Know how to react to customers’ perceptions of fairness regarding pricing policies Understand how online travel agents provide value for consumers and suppliers alike Effectively use search engine marketing Create a promotional plan for a hospitality product or service Design your own effective, product-specific advertising campaign Maintain and enhance customer value Organize your firm for long-term competitiveness

Course details

Who is the course for?

Whether you are a marketing professional or have found yourself taking on the marketing responsibility for your organization, this certificate program will prepare you to apply fundamental hospitality marketing concepts and principles, focused on the world of digital marketing, in your organization. In this program, you will investigate the current status of your marketing strategy; assess the different levers that can be adjusted to drive revenue and react to demand; and develop a diverse collection of digital marketing strategies to apply, monitor, and evaluate. Through best practices and industry case studies, you will contextualize these concepts and lay a solid foundation for applying them to your workplace.
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