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Diversity is having a culture that values uniqueness: people of different backgrounds, cultures, genders, and races. Inclusion means inviting diverse groups to take part in company life. If you're tuned into conversations about HR, you've probably heard these terms before. But there's a third critical piece: belonging. It's belonging that makes each individual feel accepted for who they are. Explore the diversity, inclusion, and belonging (DIB) approach, and discover how to activate it in your organization. Join HR luminary Pat Wadors as she explains how to drive the conversation on DIBs, hire and retain diverse talent, listen to employees, and integrate DIBs into your employee life cycle. Managers and executives should tune in for special tips on embedding DIBs in the employee experience.

What you will learn

Determine what prevents a company from being equitable. Explain the importance of storytelling. Construct how an interview process should work that would enable you to hire diverse talent. Describe the purpose of listening to employees. Determine the factors for choosing DIBs role models in a company.

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Who is the course for?

Human beings just want to belong. We are compelled to come together. And my hope is that we get to come together at a very authentic way where we seek each other's differences, that we find joy in learning in those differences. When you think about diversity inclusion, you think about goals and numbers and process and compliance and audits, and you leave the human behind. DIBs is about bringing humanity into this conversation in your heart, and what it's not is a program. What it's not is a policy. What it's not is a goal. So if you're a leader, if you're a manager, think about your workforce, think about the talent you have and the fordability of that talent. If you think about the power of diverse inclusion belonging, more importantly the belonging part of culture, that takes a disengaged workforce and makes them engaged. As a leader we'd be silly not to pay attention to this so it's a business imperative to get on this because if you do you unlock your own potential and that of your business.
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