Course overview

In this course you will improve your English pronunciation skills and learn about speaking English in today's globalised world.

What you will learn

The concepts of intelligibility, credibility, and identity in English pronunciation Personal goals for English pronunciation English vowels English consonants Suprasegmental features in English (stress, intonation, etc.) English accents English pronunciation assessment

Course details

Who is the course for?

Develop your ability to understand and speak English. A huge range of people need to be able to speak English in today’s globalised world. This means that you’ll need to understand, and be understandable to, other non-native speakers. But diversity in spoken English should also be appreciated. In this course you’ll find out which pronunciation features are important for mutual understanding. In exercises and video’s, you will practise English sounds and stresses, and learn about other learners’ accents. By the end of the course you will have improved your English pronunciation so you will feel confident in speaking English in different contexts.
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