Course overview

Learn how to analyze business opportunities for their financial viability and secure funding to start and grow your business.

What you will learn

Tools and techniques for funding a growing business How to evaluate an idea for a new product or service and determine cost and benefits How to value a stock, bond, and company for business opportunities

Course details

Who is the course for?

How do you find the money necessary to effectively manage your business? How do you know if a business opportunity is worthwhile? When should you invest in a stock, bond or company? Do you fear the financial side of growing your organization? This finance course will take the mystery out of financial analysis and help you make the right business decisions. In order to establish your company you need to secure funding. Once you have money, you need to determine the most efficient and effective use of your capital. You also need to have the knowledge to have professional and engaging conversations with finance professionals who control access to funding. In this course, you will discover a variety of options for funding your business and how to successfully negotiate financial opportunities. You will learn how to value and evaluate ideas to determine the appropriate benefits and costs in order to screen them correctly. Finally, you will learn how to value a business and the securities you can use to potentially fund your organization. This course is part of the Business Principles and Entrepreneurial Thought XSeries.
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