Course overview

Investing in hotel real estate is a complicated and rewarding endeavor. To be successful, hotel investors must be able to determine the financial interests of those involved in any project.

What you will learn

Explore the varied motivations of owners, operators, and lenders in pursuing real estate investments Examine the different investment approaches taken by owners in the hotel industry Estimate the return on investment and the return on equity for a prospective hotel investment Estimate the value of a proposed hotel using a variety of methods Analyze and evaluate investment projects from the perspective of owners, operators, and lenders Size a mortgage that meets the needs of different partners Make informed decisions about the relative attractiveness of hotel investments

Course details

Who is the course for?

In this course, Professor deRoos demonstrates several analytical tools used by real estate professionals to evaluate hotel investments. You will explore how owners, operators, and lenders evaluate potential hotel projects. Using an Excel-based tool, you will estimate the return on investment and return on equity for a hotel investment. Debt and equity financing are critical to every project and in this course, you will learn how to estimate the size of a mortgage loan given the lender's requirements. With real-world examples, practical tools, and opportunities to practice, you will develop the skills necessary to structure your own hotel real estate investments.
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