How to Perform a Hotel Market Analysis and Valuation

How to Perform a Hotel Market Analysis and Valuation

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Course overview

Learn how to gather and process data for a comprehensive hotel market analysis.

What you will learn

Applying the method and various procedures for gathering, analyzing and processing data into a comprehensive market study. Estimate the value of all types of hotels using Hotel Valuation Software, to do a Financial projection and Hotel valuation.

Course details

Who is the course for?

Learn the skills necessary for being part of a hotel development team Hotel companies, owners and lenders are looking for people that can assemble market data, run software models and determine whether a market will support a hotel. On this course you will develop the tools and knowledge to help you become one of these people, learning how to create a comprehensive hotel market study. You will learn about estimating the value of different types of hotels using hotel valuation software and understand the basics of doing financial projections.
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