Course overview

Specialist training to work in all areas of the events sector, with placements hosted by prestigious organisers of conferences, conventions and major events.

What you will learn

The official master's degree in Management and Organisation of Event Tourism qualifies you to work in all areas of the events sector, having been taught by leading, highly experienced current practitioners and with the academic rigour of the university. These studies are eminently profession-oriented while also including a research element. This master's degree has the following advantages: -Knowledge and specific competences in organising, coordinating and leading all kinds of events: society, business, conferences, fairs, sports, charity, etc. -Training in professional project management in both the public and the private sector. -Introduction to research in this field. As an official university master's degree, this programme leads on to a PhD in Tourism. -350 mandatory placement hours in companies in the events sector, mainly located in Barcelona.

Course details

Who is the course for?

Addressed to: - graduates seeking to specialise in a promising sector; - businesspersons or managers whose work consists of organising events of all kinds. Career options: Planning, organisation and implementation of all kinds of events - business, social, or institutional - whether for public, private or non-profit entities.
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