Online Recruitment and Onboarding: Providing Continuity for Business and Candidates

Online Recruitment and Onboarding: Providing Continuity for Business and Candidates

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Learn how to transition your recruitment and onboarding processes online with this course for business and HR professionals.

What you will learn

Discuss best hiring and onboarding practices from across a range of industries Identify and share approaches and techniques to build/maintain a strong brand in a crisis Collect key information about a potential candidate during the recruitment process Explore additional sources of candidates in the current climate Identify important elements of an effective online onboarding

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Who is the course for?

Learn how to attract, assess, and onboard employees remotely This course, created by FutureLearn in collaboration with leaders in the field of HR, will equip you with the skills to effectively recruit and onboard employees remotely, and adjust your current recruitment and onboarding process to a digital environment. Maintain a strong employer brand in lockdown As business operations are increasingly being carried out online due to COVID-19, HR professionals and recruiters are seeing huge changes in almost every aspect of the hiring process – from interviews to onboarding. Discover virtual onboarding best practices This course is led by Catalina Schveninger, Chief People Officer at FutureLearn and Neil Carberry, CEO of the Recruitment and Employment Confederation (REC). You’ll also hear from some of the world’s top recruitment experts who will share their own online onboarding and recruitment experiments and failures in almost real-time. Enhance your online recruitment processes The course will develop your ability to gather and identify key information about a potential candidate online during the recruitment process. You’ll also discover new ways of finding great candidates in the current COVID climate. Support new employees with thorough online onboarding To ensure your organisation’s onboarding process isn’t compromised during these uncertain times, you’ll learn to identify and uphold most important elements of effective online onboarding. You’ll also learn how to support candidates in this time of uncertainty who may have gone through job loss or are struggling with changing roles. What topics will you cover? This course will help you to build your confidence and practice in: Adjusting your current recruitment practices to a 100% digital environment Attracting, assessing and onboarding candidates in the context of lock down Guiding and coaching candidates who are going through the anxiety of losing their jobs or being reluctant to change roles in times of uncertainty You will learn from some of the world’s best recruitment experts who will be sharing from their own experiments and failures. This course will not provide a legal framework, rather a practitioner’s viewpoint on how to make the most of this situation and help your company maintain/improve its employer brand value.
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