Course overview

Learn the basics of networking while you grow your social network and professional connections. Practice speaking to improve your English language skills for increased success in job hunting.

What you will learn

Identify your goal for networking Define your network and make decisions on how to grow it Identify your unique skills and qualities Make effective introductions for yourself and others Use LinkedIn and business cards to make and maintain connections with your network Use culturally appropriate greetings and customs

Course details

Who is the course for?

Week 1: What is Networking? Introduction to networking and an overview of the reasons for networking, such as getting a job or a promotion or expanding your sales portfolio. You’ll also define your goals and share ideas with fellow learners around the globe. Week 2: Who is in Your Network? Identify the people who are part of your own personal network. Analyze and decide who you want to connect with most. Pinpoint reasons for helping others and getting help yourself. Discuss priorities with your fellow learners. Week 3: Introductions Learn key language to introduce yourself and tomake introductions. Take a quiz on key language and practice introducing yourself.Record an introduction and get feedback from fellow learners. Week 4: Making Contact Learn how to introduce yourself in a business setting. Give and receive business cards aand develop a LinkedIn profile headline and summary.
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