Technologies, Trends, and Policies Transforming the Food System

Technologies, Trends, and Policies Transforming the Food System

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Our food system faces dynamic and treacherous challenges, driven by population growth, rapidly changing consumer tastes, and shifting expectations and climate change. The most innovative food businesses do more than understand the issues impacting technology, trends, and policies--they create, develop, and refine them. From Personalized Nutrition to Cloud Computing to Biotechnology to Next Generation Agriculture, this fast-paced, five-week, online, survey course, Technology, Trends, and Policies Transforming the Food System, conveys essential content and context for all food business innovators. This course provides corporate intrapreneurs with the essential forecasting information they need to make high-impact contributions to their organizations--and it provides emerging innovators with direct access to industry pioneers who will unpack research, share predictions, and present approaches to transforming the food system. Click here to download a weekly course sampling.

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