Executive Chef - Chef Ejecutivo/a
Executive Chef - Chef Ejecutivo/a

Four Seasons


Executive Chef - Chef Ejecutivo/a

About the job

The Executive Chef forms part of the Food and Beverage leadership team who collectively make key strategic and operational decisions for the Food and Beverage operation within the Hotel or Resort.


• ​ Internationally versed and multi-venue experience preferred

• Strong communicator who is fluent in both Spanish and English

• Previous international opening experience (free standing or  lifestyle restaurant operation, hotels etc.,) 

• Excellent people skills, aiming towards the highest quality, driven by creativity, latest trends and changes in the market.

• Ability to create dynamic Food offerings in both restaurants and catering

• Concept driven to ensure diversity and authenticity 

• Ability to collaborate effectively with relevant team players

Leadership Requirements


• Enthusiastic, creative and open-minded leader with progressive approach to business development

• Maintain and elevate the concept integrity of each venue through collaboration with all areas of F&B and marketing team

• Ability to innovate the culinary experiences within the community

• Exceptional understanding of relevant trends and action them into outlets

• Capability to be the public culinary face of Hotel


• Coordinate the selection, training, development, and evaluation of employees and managers for the kitchen division to ensure that established cultural and core standards are met.

• Excellent leadership qualities and the ability to maximize the talents of the kitchen staff

• Ability to collaborate with the F&B team to design effective menus, generosity moments and amenity offerings while ensuring excellent product quality and value for the customer.

• Ability to attract and retain local talent in a challenging market & support their development and growth

• Exceptional ability to collaborate with relevant key stakeholders


• Ability to enhance Four Seasons brand leadership with infusion of local heritage and culture into the product and service offerings

• Able to innovate and create best-in-clas s product offerings for outlets and catering

• Provide strategic and operational expertise to the key stakeholders in the business

• Outcome-focused on guest experience and creating unique culinary experiences for both the corporate and leisure traveler


• Capability  to set up control systems which will assure quality and portion consistency and the ability to create proper purchasing specifications as well as monitor and review operating criteria and develop an awareness of the importance of food preparation and quality.

• Control labor and operating expenses through effective planning, budgeting, purchasing decisions, policy making, and inventory control while focusing on creative cost control and revenue generation solutions to maximize profit in the division and hotel. 

• Effectively plan and develop menus for the hotel considering factors such as product availability, food and service cost, marketing conditions and business volume.

• Playing an active role in developing strategic business plans that support the delivery of the budget together with Director of Food and Beverages

Executive Chef - Chef Ejecutivo/a

Cartagena, Colombia

Full-time, Indefinite

Start Date:

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