Course overview

In this course, the participant will review the accommodation business environment, its structure and various business models and concepts. The participant will be introduced to the rooms division department, career paths, and job descriptions in hotels. The participant will learn about the mindset and characteristics of the modern guest, and how to provide a tailored and responsible guest experience. The participants are expected to watch all the video content under each module, acquaint themselves with additional materials provided, and then take the quizzes. Each quiz can be taken 3 times and we recommend that participants watch the videos and practise until they feel they mastered the topic.

What you will learn

What you will learn
Course objectives After completing the course, the participant: understands of the accommodation business environment and its players identifies different hotel organization/management models, career paths, and job descriptions explains and illustrates tailored and responsible guest experience evaluates different business models in changing business environments and gives his/her contribution in building/renewing business ideas for tomorrow Skills Skills gained upon completion of this course are: accommodation industry awareness basic interpersonal and service skills

Course details

Who is the course for?

Course material: 31 videos, over 3 hours of video material, 3 quizzes. Estimated total study time 54 hours. Course outline: Tutorial 1. The accommodation business environment, its structure, and various business models and concepts Tutorial 2. The Rooms Division department Tutorial 3. Focus on Service