Course overview

You’ll know from experience: project management makes great teams even better. Applying the best project management methodology can help you reach your objectives in a more efficient way. By Adopting Agile you can do this.

What you will learn

In this Short Course, you’ll discover how Adopting Agile can help you deliver the right products/services along a tighter timeline, become more receptive to customer feedback and help you focus more on your customers and less on pointless processes. Project management makes great teams even better. Agile, a relatively new style of project management, provides a structure where teams can work more effectively. Using fast, responsive methods, Agile allows teams to deliver the right products along a tighter timeline and allows teams to become more receptive to customer feedback. Under Agile, teams become more focused on what the customer wants and less on the process that they should follow. Agile provides a set structure for you to follow in order to ensure that your team can work more effectively and in a more focused manner.

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