Air Transport Operations and Management Executive MSc

Air Transport Operations and Management Executive MSc

London Geller College of Hospitality and Tourism - UWL
London, United Kingdom


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Course overview

The delivery of this course is designed to fit around your work schedule. You will benefit from expert teaching, as well as opportunities to network and collaborate with like-minded professionals. Our connections with the air transport and tourism industries also give you the chance to develop your professional contacts. Located within 30 minutes of Heathrow Airport, we also host valuable air transport research and education resources, including The Heathrow Archive and Heathrow Exhibition.

What you will learn

This practical Masters in Air Transport Operations is delivered in four-day blocks across the weekend. It allows you to study while keeping up with your work commitments. The course offers important benefits for those aspiring to higher management roles. By examining the industry from a global perspective, the course will improve your understanding of business strategy. In addition, you will enhance your understanding of economics and finance as they apply to aviation, preparing you for the challenges faced by decision-makers in the sector. The course covers operational functions as well, and you will examine the ways in which various agencies, regulatory frameworks and management systems must work together in aviation. You can select from a range of optional modules that explore particular issues in more detail. These give you the opportunity to gain skills and knowledge in contemporary aviation topics such as: digital aviation sustainable aviation airport planning and management aircraft and fleet analysis. In the final stage of your Air Transport Management course, you will complete a dissertation project. This is your opportunity to take an in-depth look at a topic of your choice related to the aviation industry. The course is led by tutors with decades of combined experience in aviation, many of them spent at managerial level. They will help you to develop professional and personal skills that make you an attractive employee to a wide range of organisations in the industry.

Course details

Who is the course for?

If you intend to move into a more senior role within aviation, the course opens up a number of options. On graduation, you could go on to work in: operational management and logistics, Airport station management, Air cargo operations, Flight turnaround and dispatch, Network operations, Airside and landside operations and crew scheduling, commercial management, Schedule development and planning, Revenue and inventory management, among others. If you intend to move into the aviation industry, you could start your new career with a range of related organisations, including airports, consultancies and government agencies. The price for UK students is £8,950.