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AP Service, Hospitality Tourism Management

AP Service, Hospitality Tourism Management

University College LillebæltOdense, Denmark

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Course overview

2 year programme based on 4 semesters, startup possible both september and january. 3 semesters at campus and last semester in business based internship and writing AP thesis.

What you will learn

Are you service-minded and interested in playing a central role in the service industry? If you dream of planning events, developing tourism and experience economy, or securing good customer relations, then an Academy Profession (AP) degree in Service, Hospitality and Tourism Management is the right choice for you! With an AP degree in Service, Hospitality and Tourism Management you will be equipped with relevant and up to date business practices based on the latest research and theory in the field. Through the 2-year study programme you will acquire the skills and knowledge necessary to successfully participate in the daily operations of a service business. Studying Service, Hospitality and Tourism Management in Odense or Vejle, you will become part of an exciting and modern study environment under constant development. As a student, you have a large influence on your study environment, and you will meet students from a wide variety of countries.

Course details

Who is the course for?

The Service, Hospitality and Tourism Management programme is a 2-year full-time international course taught over four semesters. The teaching is based on lectures and class discussions between students and teachers along with group work with fellow students solving challenging and educative tasks. The education is divided into a mandatory part, an elective part, a main project as the concluding part, and a 13-week internship placed in 4th semester. The mandatory part is divided into four overall subject areas: Services and Experiences - includes analyses of the hospitality-concept, and the understanding of the concept of guests, including customer behaviour in relation to the company’s services Business Understanding – includes an analysis of the company’s livelihood. Focus is on the internal, and external situation with a view to developing the company’s financial operations and creating a holistic understanding of the company’s present situation Cooperation and Relations – includes communication and management forms in an intercultural perspective with a focus on the interaction with the guest and the employee. Focus is on analysis and data material as the basis of developing internal and external communication in a national and international perspective Business Development - includes strategic planning, innovation, intrapreneurship and entrepreneurship in respect to developing existing companies as well as new products and services. Focus is on analysing the growth potential, including assessment of the financial and organisational consequences of development activities The knowledge you gain from the different courses will be included in the work with cases and issues from the industry. Finally, you will tie it all together in your final project which you will prepare in cooperation with a corporation/company. Please note: Economics is a central subject and you are expected to have basic Excel skills. The elective part provides you with the opportunity to focus on subjects of your specific interest. The elective subjects offered are: Hotel and Restaurant Management Tourism Management Service Management