Course overview

Gain both the practical culinary skills alongside essential business management training

What you will learn

What you will learn
This programme is offered by IMI’s International Culinary Institute (ICI) and is validated by Manchester Metropolitan University in the UK. Its blend of practical and theoretical skills allows students to perfect their culinary abilities while at the same time developing core industry management knowledge. Approximately 30% of students’ time is spent in the kitchen and 70% in the classroom, balancing the gastro-culinary skills with the strategies and techniques required to run a successful business. Paid internship placements, which can be undertaken in Switzerland or world-wide, offer the possibility for students to gain experience at leading, internationally acclaimed restaurants. Graduates from this degree will be equally adept to either work as a chef in a fine-dining kitchen or open and manage their own culinary business.

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Who is the course for?

Concentrating on modern day gastronomy, students will be challenged to develop new culinary products suitable for today's marketplace. Students will graduate from this programme equally well equipped to manage their own culinary business or run and work in the kitchen of a high-end restaurant or hotel.