BA (Hons) International Hospitality & Tourism Management - Swiss Alpine Diploma

BA (Hons) International Hospitality & Tourism Management - Swiss Alpine Diploma

Swiss Alpine Center Greece
Glyfada, Greece


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Course overview

Swiss Alpine Center’s program of study in hospitality and tourism management requires that students learn to run a business from the bottom-up, learning the details of every department including the role and job description of each and every staff member. This comprehensive Swiss method of teaching which includes a balanced combination of practical courses mixed with management theory and applied business exercises, is what has earned Swiss hotel schools their reputation in the world of hospitality education. Alpine’s program also enables the student to acquire the business skills necessary to manage a hotel operation profitably, while at the same time adhering to world class hospitality standards. Besides business skills, students enrolled on the Swiss Alpine Diploma in Hotel Management acquire soft skills that are of utmost importance to the hospitality industry. These include attention to detail, flexibility, reliability, teamwork, immaculate presentation, leadership skills, innovation and above all exceptional customer service skills. Stude

What you will learn

Hands-on skills in hotel operations including Food & Beverage Management and Rooms Division (Front Office, Reservations, Housekeeping) Business acumen and management skills through the different modules Soft skills including teamwork, communication, problem-solving, empathy and emotional intelligence, flexibility and adaptability Creativity and innovation through the Strategic Business Project Teamwork and leadership skills through practical classes, projects and presentations Customer service skills skills

Course details

Who is the course for?

The International Hospitality Management programme comprises a number of core management and hospitality specific modules as you will see in the curriculum of each year below. One of the big advantages of studying hospitality management is the transferable skills gained through such an education. Simply put, transferable skills are those that can be applied to, and are in demand by, businesses not necessarily under the umbrella of hospitality and tourism services. In general, they are technical skills such as communications technology, people skills, sales and marketing skills, human resources, finance, accountancy skills, strategic business, and entrepreneurship. Some of Alpine’s graduates can be found working successfully in non-hospitality/tourism occupations belonging to the service management industries also known as the experience economy, including telecommunications, training and education, banking, consultancy, human resource consultancy, sales and marketing, finance, and television and broadcasting to name a few. Dual Qualifications Cardiff Metropolitan University validated the Alpine Center program of study in 2012 at City Unity College. Students who join the Alpine Center program at City Unity will have the opportunity to earn a British Bachelor's degree in International Hospitality & Tourism Management,awarded by Cardiff Metropolitan University. Our students have the unique opportunity of graduating with dual qualifications: a Swiss Alpine Center Diploma and a BA(Hon) from Cardiff Metropolitan University. This makes our students very competitive and employable.