BA in Hotel Administration

BA in Hotel Administration

Casa College
Nicosia, Cyprus


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Course overview

The Hotel Administration course is designed to give a thorough knowledge and understanding of the hotel industry.

What you will learn

What you will learn
The course offers concrete knowledge, practical skills, as well as theoretical themes and concepts directly related to every aspect of hospitality operations in Food and Beverage Planning. The course offers a combination of theory and practice through a variety of resources such as modern computer and food preparation labs. In addition the practical training in restaurant management covers every aspect of hospitality; from food and beverage management to coffee shops and room service, dining rooms, banquets, cafeterias, employee food service, catering, clubs, shows and more. The students carry out their practice at the restaurant/bar of the college. It covers the types and layouts of bars, management and services, as well as all types of international drinks, cocktails and wines. Furthermore, students are taught practical kitchen skills and develop an understanding of culinary techniques. Hotel Administration students carry out their practice in the food preparation lab, cooking delicious national and international dishes in the kitchen of the college.

Course details

Who is the course for?

This course offers the required tools for attaining supervisory high level positions, with prospects for advancement. The course prepares students for an advanced graduate level if they wish to pursue so.