Course overview

General areas of study: English and Spanish/French; Management and human resources; Research methodology; Entrepreunership. Technical areas of study: Tourism 360º; Interpersonal interaction; Marketing; Economy; Tour operators; Technologies (Digital marketing, GIS and Galileo); Art and heritage; Planning and Strategy; Tours and routes; Events; Hospitality; Entertainment; Product development; Destination Management

What you will learn

The Degree in Tourism presents a study plan focused on monitoring and responding to the latest trends and needs of the tourism sector in the national and international context. This broadband degree has as its fundamental objectives the training and preparation of future professionals in strategic areas of the tourist activity, namely: provide learning that facilitates understanding and adaptation to new situations in a highly competitive and constantly changing sector; Foster inter and multidisciplinary training (languages, international tourism, travel agencies, entertainment and event organization, entrepreneurship, planning and management of tourist destinations and tourist development, communication strategies,….); To make known the concepts and instruments of tourism as a field of applied study; Contribute to the development of the ability to design and plan innovative tourist products and experiences; Create an entrepreneurial, critical spirit and motivate for quality and creativity in the sustainable development of tourism activities; Provide students with essential generic and specific skills that facilitate greater mobility of future tourism professionals; Develop communication skills, human contact, decision making and management, teamwork and leadership. The training of future professionals is done through diversified learning methodologies: promotion of open classes, seminars and workshops with regional and national entities; conducting study visits; integration and/or collaboration in ongoing research projects; dynamization of creative laboratories; participation in external ideas and entrepreneurship competitions; curricular internship; carrying out international mobility under the Erasmus Programme.

Course details

Who is the course for?

The course adresses students who have great interest in personal relations and who sees tourism has an incredible potential working area, with huge opportunities for working in different environments and/or countries. Specifically, is oriented for: Travel Agencies and Tour Operators; Tourism entertainment and events and congresses organization firms; Transport companies (airlines, airports and cruise companies); Consultancy companies specialized in the development of projects in the area of tourism; Tourist Enterprises (eg hotel and tourism units in rural areas); Tourism Regions, Regional Tourism Promotion Agencies, Intermunicipal Communities, Municipal Councils, Tourist Offices, Municipal Companies, Local and Regional Development Associations, Development Agencies; Public Institutes, General Directorates, Regional Directorates.