Bachelor - International Hospitality Management

Bachelor - International Hospitality Management

University College LillebæltOdense, Denmark

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Course overview

1½ year top-up programme based on 3 semesters, startup every september. 2 semesters at campus and last semester in business based internship and writing BA thesis. Our AP programme is a pre-requisite for starting the BA programme.

What you will learn

Expand your leadership skills As a Bachelor of International Hospitality Management, you will be qualified to work with hotel, tourism, and experience management. The BA in International Hospitality Management is a 1½-year bachelor's degree building on your Academy Profession (AP) degree in Service, Hospitality and Tourism Management, Marketing Management, or other similar programmes. The programme is designed to equip you with knowledge and skills that enable you to work as e.g. a manager, administrator or project manager, or to perform other functions in the multifaceted hospitality industry. You will be able to independently analyse and evaluate business issues and scenarios and to perform different complex tasks related to the general operation, development, planning, administration and management in hospitality enterprises. The programme includes a three-month internship, where you will have the opportunity to apply theory and method to real-life situations. The internship will give you an insight into complex issues that managers/consultants face in their daily work.

Course details

Who is the course for?

The programme is comprised of a variety of teaching and learning methods, i.e. lecturing, classroom teaching, guest lecturing, practical classes, presentations (including student presentations), case-studies, seminars (workshops), and project work, as well as an internship in relevant organisations or companies. First Semester consists of Economics, Management & Theory of Science and In second semester you will have classes on Cultural Awareness & Customer Relations, Elective module & Strategy while you on your third semester will go through yourr internship and BA thesis writing. Internship The internship period takes place in the third semester. An internship is a full-time equivalent of a job performed in a business setting, with a workload of 30 hours per week (excluding the writing of an internship report and an internship learning journal). Scheduling the internship in the final semester allows the student to acquire professional competences and apply theory and method to a real-life business setting, and to assess and reflect on the practical issues that are relevant to the bachelor's project and final bachelor's examination. Bachelor's project The study programme culminates with a bachelor's project. In the bachelor's project, you demonstrate your ability to combine theoretical, practice- and development-orientated elements and communicate it through a solid methodological foundation. The project is research into and analysis of a practical problem, which is carried out in cooperation with a company/organisation.