Course overview

This programme, which combines academic knowledge with field trips, site visits, and practical work experience, will equip you to work as a manager in the tourism, travel and related sectors, both nationally and internationally. The overall aim of this programme is to prepare students to perform at different management levels in the tourism, travel and related sectors, both nationally and internationally. The course is delivered in a supportive, flexible learning environment aimed at empowering learners to achieve their personal and professional potential. Tourism management focuses on the broad tourism industry and includes a professional internship, practical modules and academic subjects, while preparing students for leadership in this field. It combines academic knowledge with field trips, site visits, and practical work experience in the tourism industry. A key focus of the programme is on applied management and business subjects; for example, accounting, information technology, human resource management, marketing and communications. These are complemented by more tourism- and field-specific subjects, such as tourism studies, sustainable tourism, tourism policy and planning, tourism service operations, and heritage, culture and tourism. Since European languages are increasingly important in the world of work, you can choose to study one European languageOn successful completion of the course, you’ll have specialised disciplinary knowledge and understanding across a variety of areas pertaining to tourism, travel and management; strategic, critical awareness of the principles of management and the contemporary and future challenges in the industry, and specialised skills across a range of management, tourism and travel areas. There’s a six-month work placement in Year 2. Study Abroad Opportunities Our internship programme will provide you with opportunities to take your work placement in Ireland or abroad through the links our school has with industry. On graduation, you’ll be equipped to progress to ordinary and honours degree programmes in TU Dublin..

What you will learn

Year One Tourism Destinations Introduction to Travel and Tourism Accounting for Tourism Digital 1 Professional Business Communications 1 & 2 Intercultural Awareness Marketing for Hospitality, Tourism and Leisure Management 1 Intercultural Competence Innovation and Tourism Tourism Systems Year Two Management 2 Travel & Transport Management accounting Costing and Decision Making Economics: Option 1 & 2 Professional Internship & Career Management (Semester 2) Year Three Event, Leisure and Tourism Enterprise Development Data Analysis Management accounting: Planning & Control Sustainable Tourism Talent Management for Tourism, Travel and Leisure Tourism Policy, Planning and Regulation Current Tourism Research - developing key academic skills Tourism and Technology: Options 3, 4, 5 & 6.

Course details

Who is the course for?

Graduates pursue a variety of career paths both within and outside the tourism industry. Those who remain in the industry hold roles in tourism and hospitality operations, visitor attraction management, online booking companies, travel agencies and publicly funded tourism bodies. Tourism Officer Call Handler/European Confirmation Consultant Cabin Crew Tourism Information Centre Manager Travel Consultant/Executive Travel Agent Heritage Officer Reservations Agent Tourism Consultant/Management Consultant Visa Coordinator Tour Guide/Director Operations Assistant Multilingual Customer Care Passenger Service Agent Historic Site Manager English Language Assistant Lecturer Recruitment Consultant Event Organiser Market Research Executive Sales and Marketing Executive PR Officer HR Administrator (Hotel Groups)