Bachelor of Business Administration (BBA) in Food Business Leadership

Bachelor of Business Administration (BBA) in Food Business Leadership

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You’ve got the fundamentals and hands-on kitchen skills. Now master the business side of food, enhance your career, and boost your earning potential with the CIA’s online Bachelor of Business Administration (BBA) in Food Business Leadership. There’s no better way to turn your CIA associate degree into a bachelor’s! With convenient, accessible part-time study, you’ll advance your career while you work—at your own pace. This online BBA program is designed specifically for AOS alumni with at least four years of full-time, progressive work experience after graduating. You’ll gain advanced knowledge from the same world-class faculty that mentored you before, and make essential connections with business leaders that you’ll carry with you throughout your career. Whether you want to become a leader outside the kitchen or lead a kitchen, you’ll be fully prepared to grow your career with this online BBA degree. Highlights: Benefit from the convenience of a curriculum that’s 100% online—you can earn your bachelor’s degree without interrupting your work schedule. Get the comprehensive, food business-specific skills you need to become a next-level leader and prepare for what’s coming in the food world. Explore career-relevant topics such as economics, sustainability of food systems, and key principles of business leadership—all vital to your future advancement and success. Learn from the same dedicated, industry-savvy instructors who guided you through your associate degree. Apply up to 30 transfer credits from a college other than the CIA to complete your degree even faster. Grow your earning power—per the U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics, bachelor’s grads earn nearly 42% more weekly than those with associates. Take Your Place as a Leader The food industry is bursting with opportunities and looking for leaders. Couple that with the U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics report that bachelor’s degrees lead to 42% more weekly earnings than associates, and you can see why this food business leadership program is so vital to your career. It’s the ideal formula for success. Greater opportunity + greater earning potential = an amazing food business career. And with your CIA bachelor’s degree in hand, you’ll have plenty of next-level leadership paths to choose, in areas such as: Food and beverage management Corporate foodservice Restaurants and catering Hotels and resorts School foodservice And so much more! So many possibilities—and our Career Services staff will continue to help you every step of the way. There’s no network like the CIA network, and yours will grow even wider with your bachelor’s degree. You’ve already joined the ranks of celebrated CIA alumni who are making a difference in every segment of the industry. Now it’s time to take your place as an influential leader in the food world.