What you will learn

Brand management has become one of the most important aspects of business strategy. Brands are often a central organizing principle of successful organizations — guiding decisions and actions. Whether you’re a brand marketer, business leader, or entrepreneur, this certificate program provides an essential framework to build and manage a great brand. Develop your brand’s values, personality, purpose, and positioning statement Analyze market trends to identify significant challenges and opportunities for your brand Build a brand strategy to activate the brand in a competitive marketplace Optimize a brand’s position in the brandscape through positioning mapping Create a brand plan based on a thorough analysis that positions the brand to deliver on marketing objectives Maximize brand activation through superior consumer engagement Assess the progress the brand is making based on data and performance indicators Through the coursework, you will define the foundational building blocks for your brand purpose by understanding the target audience and crafting integrated marketing communications. You’ll identify opportunities and threats that affect your brand’s market position and determine potential strategies to capitalize on opportunities to strengthen your brand’s position. You’ll then create a brand positioning strategy for your market, and identify various vehicles for marketing communications that would effectively reach the brand’s target market. Finally, you will explore brand assessment and management strategies for the allocation of resources to ensure brand performance is optimized and brand objectives are met.