Certificate in Event Management (Level 3)

Certificate in Event Management (Level 3)

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Event Planning Certification Online. Explore the remarkable world of the professional events planner in this insightful nine-module certificate. A fantastically-rewarding creative industry with limitless scope for advancement, the services of outstanding event planners have never been in greater demand. From important business meetings to upmarket weddings and right through to sprawling music festivals, event managers single-handedly determine the event’s success or otherwise. A career of rewards and responsibilities in equal measures, to become proficient in the art of event planning is to become a powerful and priceless business asset. This introductory event planning certification online, investigates the practical skills, theoretical knowledge and personal traits required to succeed in this highly-competitive industry. Course content of this online event planning certification, introduces candidates to a variety of common event types, breaking the event planning process down to its core elements and exploring each in-depth. Candidates build an advanced understanding of event budgeting, venue selection criteria, event theme and concept considerations, critical health and safety legislation, event marketing strategies and closing/evaluating events. Ultimately, successful candidates will have the opportunity to seek positions with working event management agencies, or to start their own private event planning businesses. This event planner certification online, is delivered over nine in-depth modules: Module 1 – An Introduction to Event Planning The introductory module dissects and studies the key duties and responsibilities of the professional event planner, along with an introduction to the various stages involved in event planning. Candidates discuss both the talents and character traits that combine to build high-quality event managers. Module 2 – Types of Events Course content then switches focus to a variety of common event types, outlining the key differences, demands and associated challenges of each. Essential event planning principles are discussed, along with a breakdown of business conventions, personal/private events, business events, social events and more. Module 3 – Event Planning Process The following module guides candidates through the four critical event planning stages - planning & execution, monitoring, controlling and closing. Each stage is analysed and discussed in-depth, highlighting several common issues and challenges commonly encountered in the event planning process. Module 4 – Event Concept and Theme Devising specific event concepts and creative themes represents the primary core focus of Module 4. The value of brainstorming in establishing an initial vision is explored, alongside the creation of professional event programs, an introduction to popular event themes and how to work with clients’ visions. Module 5 – Event Budget Planning Course Module 5 focuses on accurate event budget planning, taking candidates through a wide variety of essential and supplementary cost considerations. A series of budgeting principles and fundamentals are explored, along with techniques for effectively analysing/identifying the specific requirements of an event. Module 6 – Venue Selection The process of identifying and selecting the ideal event venue follows in Module 6, in which candidates investigate the most important venue-selection criteria. Course content also introduces a series of site planning/layout essentials, along with associated logistical considerations. Module 7 – Health, Safety and Environmental Issues The seventh module focuses on a variety of key event health and safety issues, also touching upon crucial environmental considerations and challenges. On-site facilities/amenities and essential service-provision are also discussed at length, alongside legislative health & safety requirements and more. Module 8 – Marketing the Event Course content then moves onto event marketing, guiding candidates through a series of tools, techniques and strategies for both identifying and appealing to target audiences. The importance of establishing clear marketing objectives is explored, along with a breakdown of the marketing plan and the value of social media. Module 9 – Starting Your Own Even Planning Service Bringing the course to a close, Module 9 introduces candidates to the process of starting and running a private event planning business from scratch. From the creation of an initial business plan to brand establishment to marketing and more, candidates discover the core components/qualities of the successful event planning business. Grab the opportunity to develop your event planning skills by studying from home. Take a start with free certificate courses. Free event management course is a short course which is absolutely free to study.