Certificate in Hospitality Labor and Employment Law

Certificate in Hospitality Labor and Employment Law

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Hospitality industry labor laws have become increasingly complex to follow, as regulations were largely designed with other industries in mind. But it has never been more critical for employers to make sure that they are in compliance with both federal and state laws, which are rigorously enforced. Use a framework for identifying, understanding, and complying with labor and employment laws Recognize potential retaliation and identify conduct that can lead to discrimination claims Recognize the damages that could be awarded against your company for discriminatory behavior Examine key compliance issues for hospitality, including break time, overtime, Workers’ Comp, and pay equity Identify strategies for managing in complex environments, including with unions, contract workers, and both exempt and non-exempt workers Effectively manage union relationships This certificate program begins by providing you with a framework for discrimination law to help you identify the seven protected classes under federal law and then defines employers’ obligations in accommodating these classes. Additionally, you’ll delve into the specifics of discrimination laws, including sexual harassment and organizational liability under the law. Throughout the courses, you’ll have the opportunity to examine your organization’s current HR policies and practices to help recognize and minimize discriminatory behavior in the workplace. You will also study the nuances and complexities of wage and hour law and explore traditional labor law, including the National Labor Relations Act, the purpose of unions, and strategies to manage in a union environment. By the completion of the program, you’ll come away better prepared to adhere to employment laws to avoid costly risks, exposure, and damages.