Certificate in Wines of California, the Pacific Northwest and New York

Certificate in Wines of California, the Pacific Northwest and New York

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Describe the process of making wine and its components Evaluate wine using sight, smell, and taste in order to make informed decisions and recommendations Select wines from California, Washington, Oregon, and New York with confidence Identify grape varietals used to make wine by sight, flavor, and aroma Pair wine with food appropriately Store and serve wine based on the type and style of wine You’ll begin your journey by exploring wine tasting and evaluation techniques to identify distinct aromas and flavors in wine. With this foundation, you’ll have the opportunity to discover each region’s own unique history and landscape, connecting flavor profiles to the geographic features and production factors that influence them. You’ll also learn to interpret wine labels in order to confidently navigate a wine list, select better wines from each region, and pair food with wine successfully. Your experience will culminate with an at-home wine-tasting experience. During this event, you’ll be able to observe how people interpret different wines, and compare your expectations and perceptions of wine, from grape to glass. This program is intended for use by persons of legal drinking ages under the relevant applicable laws where they reside. Purchase of wines is required to enjoy the highly experiential nature of this course. For the best experience in this program it is strongly recommended to take these courses in the order that they appear.