Course overview

How can you optimize and maximize distribution channels to drive top-line revenue while optimizing profits? Over the last 20 years the Distribution landscape for hotels has evolved at a very fast pace, with new opportunities to reach a wide array of customers across different geographies (also adding a layer of complexity to the optimisation of channel mix). Driven by the advent of globalization and the internet, Distribution is the new battleground for hoteliers to maximise exposure and revenue. Created by Shailesh Pallipuram, a senior executive in Revenue and Distribution management with over 15 years experience in leading global chains like IHG, Hilton and Hyatt. He is currently the Vice President of Channels for IHG across Europe, Middle East, Asia

What you will learn

In this course we will look into the hotel distribution landscape, the evolution of channels, the key aspects of developing a channel strategy and the implications of cost of sale by channel .You will also learn some tips on how to optimise and maximise each channel, to enable your business to drive top line revenue while optimising profits.

Course details

Who is the course for?

This course is for you whether you are an Owner or General Manager of a hotel, or a professional in a Sales, Marketing, Commercial or Revenue role interested in developing your understanding of the channels landscape, this course will help you navigate the complex web of hotel distribution and give you a skill update.