Control of Hotel Real Estate

Control of Hotel Real Estate

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The control and management of hotel real estate is a complex process with a wide variety of options for both hotel owners and companies. Determining who manages the hotel on a day-to-day basis and whether or not the hotel should affiliate with a brand can make or break your property. Based on his many years of academic and real-world experience, Professor deRoos provides you with the tools and knowledge you need to navigate the options and make sound decisions for your hotel investment. List factors that influence decisions about who controls the daily operations of hotels and explain why these factors are influential Examine the key attributes of contemporary hotel leases and their applicability in different international settings Evaluate the financial costs and benefits of a proposed franchise agreement Evaluate letters of intent for new management agreements Analyze management agreements from the perspectives of owners and operators In this course, you will examine the most prevalent ownership structures in the industry and determine how these structures impact costs, benefits, and risk for both the owner and the hotel company. To evaluate decisions about affiliating with a brand, you will use an Excel-based tool to calculate the costs and benefits of converting an independent hotel to a franchise. Finally, you will examine the most commonly used control mechanism in the industry, the Hotel Management Agreement. The course Financial Analysis of Hotel Investments is required to be completed prior to starting this course.