Corporate Event Planning Course

Corporate Event Planning Course

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If you want a thriving career planning events in a variety of industries, corporate event planning could be the right path for you. Enroll today and take the first step towards a successful future—one where you are excited to go to work. Plus, when you enroll with QC you are never alone. We are here to support you every step of the way to help you reach your career goals faster. Your Course Curriculum Unit A * Introduction to corporate event planning * The planning process and the planner’s role * Career opportunities * Types of corporate events and typical event components * Concept development and goal setting * Target audience identification * Event branding * The guest experience * Budget management and funding * Activities, entertainment and collateral  Unit B * Venue research and selection * Common venue policies and negotiation practices * Seating arrangements and room layouts * Catering considerations * Audiovisual and lighting equipment * The role of audience engagement technology * Livestreaming, webinars and other tech-enhanced event elements * Request for proposal (RFP) creation: venue, catering and audiovisual providers  Unit C * Event decor * Corporate event designs and visual branding * Marketing and promoting corporate events * Multi-channel marketing strategies * Event success evaluation tools * Web design, SEO and content marketing for event promotion * Special event considerations * Risk management and contingency plans * Event day-of setup * Event and vendor insurance  Unit D * Internal business events * Internal social events * External corporate events * Industry and public events * Non-profit and government clients * Three detailed case study analyses with event expert Mark Cheplowitz  Unit E * Event success evaluation * Client consultation practices * An event’s critical path * Project management methods * Managing project delays * Business communication collateral * Interpersonal communication * Event accessibility and sustainability  Unit F: Practicum * Case study analysis of the event planning process * Hands-on final project: plan an entire event from beginning to end, working with a real-world client and scenario  Unit G: Optional Company Training * Customizing resumes and cover letters * Interview skills development * Researching job opportunities * Building a portfolio * Networking  Unit H: Optional Business Training * Promoting your event planning services * Starting a corporate event planning business * Types of businesses * Industry research * Writing your business plan * The four “P”s of marketing * Creating a logo, slogan and tagline * Building a digital marketing plan QC’s Corporate Event Planning Certification course provides a comprehensive education to students looking for well-rounded training in the corporate event world. QC’s newest course will expand your career opportunities into the rapidly growing field of corporate events. Corporate event planners can find opportunities in a wide range of industries, from tech to non-profit and government to fashion. You’ll learn how to plan and manage all types of corporate events for your clients, such as product launches, corporate social events, tradeshows, and promotional campaigns. You’ll discover flexibility in the various job possibilities within corporate event planning that suit any lifestyle, whether you’re looking for regular hours or the opportunity to travel in your career. In this certification course, you’ll learn all about key corporate event planning components, from working out logistics to aligning your events with company goals.