Course overview

With this course, the student will know the way a kitchen works and how it must be managed and they will specialize in preparation and production techniques of culinary products through the knowledge of food and its technology, conservation techniques, manipulation and elaboration, nutritional aspects, and quality control and food safety. They will know the characteristics of food and the products with which they will develop culinary preparations to include in the menus; they will be able to manage the intrinsic processes of the kitchen area related to the safety and hygiene requisites.

What you will learn

With this course the student will know the operation and management of the kitchen, and will specialize in the techniques of preparation and production of culinary products through knowledge of food and its technology, techniques for preserving, handling and preparing thereof, without forgetting nutritional aspects and quality control and food safety. The student will learn the characteristics of the raw materials with which they work with in culinary preparations for the construction of menus, and will be able to manage the processes involved in the kitchen area in accordance with the requirements of safety and hygiene.

Course details

Who is the course for?

Who is this course for? People in love with food and gastronomy People who want to develop a professional career on the field of hospitality Over 23 years, with or without experience in the specialty. It is advisable to be in possession of the Certificate of Completion of ESO (ESP), General Certificate of Secondary Education (UK), or equivalent; or to have passed the entrance exam to intermediate level training cycles