Course overview

Have you ever wondered what Digital Transformation is? Or why you might need it? Digital is not just Mobile Apps, chat bots and Instagram adverts. It is almost inconceivable to run a business without Digital. It all happens online. So, the question is: How do you get to your future guests before others do? While they dream of travelling, while they investigate? How do you create top customer experiences? How do you equip your staff with the right thing to do or say – to create a more personal, a more welcoming, experience. Only with digital. Digital – trust me – is the new battleground. The Subject Matter Expert, Michael Pichler has worked in Business Transformation all his career; a large part of it in Travel & Hospitality. Currently responsible for Salesforce’s Customer Transformation Agenda & GTM strategy for Travel, Transportation & Hospitality for UK & Ireland. He supports customers at every stage of their transformation journey, helps think outside the box, grow and become the best at every customer touch point. Michael works and worked with some of the most respected Leisure brands in the UK, Europe, the Middle East and Asia. Michael is Advisor to the board at Uzakrota Travel Summit. Before Salesforce, Michael led Travel & Transportation Consulting for IBM UK, IBM iX Digital Austria, led Software Engineering teams and more.

What you will learn

In this course the Subject Matter Expert will guide you through Digital Transformation and what it actually means in practical termsto the hotelier and the different departments of a hospitality operation, including what "winning" the digital battle looks like. He will cover experimentation, measurement and analytics and show you how to build your own digital transformation strategy.

Course details

Who is the course for?

This course is for hospitality leaders, top performers and anyone who is involved in core business functions such as finance, human resources or operations and interested in walking away from manual processes and automate key areas of ther business.