Course overview

The Double Degree in Tourism and Marketing is one of the new university degrees With better career opportunities through a combination of skills acquired by students in two of the professions with more employment.

What you will learn

Tourism, as the first sector of the economy of Barcelona, ​​together with the deep knowledge of Marketing offered by this double degree allows students to explore new horizons in such a cross field as exciting, because the Double Degree Tourism and Marketing integrates into your content plan studies and skills of both disciplines: Languages, management, economics, marketing research, communication, new information technology, digital marketing (we include a free Apple laptop, commonly used in the classroom), law, or internationalization among others. It also introduces innovative aspects in academia for the programming, implementation and evaluation of teaching, and encourages mobility among students, the acquisition of attitudes as entrepreneurship, leadership and critical thinking. In this context, Mediterrani has an Internal Quality Plan based on the UNE-EN ISO 9001: 2008 which aims to promote a culture of quality and continuous improvement that allows us to remain, in Barcelona, ​​a university reference center for academic excellence. ADVANTAGES OF STUDYING TOURISM AND MARKETING Laptop Apple for use in clases and for implement the competences 5, 9 and 10 of the Double Degree Preparation and exam of the official English title First Certificate, Advanced o Proficiency in our university. Collaboration with the most important companies of the laboral sector in Barcelona to offer our students more than 1000 job offers and 1200, from the first course. In 5 years you will study: English, French, German and Chinese. Tutorial Action Plan. The P.A.T. offers our students remedial classes free if necessary. 10-storey building completely equipped and updated. More than 30 years of experience and 3 quality certifications (AENOR, IQNet y AQU) Centrally located and well connected. See Map At the end of the Double Degree in Tourism and Marketing in our university you get: Official title Tourism and Marketing official degrees from the Unversity of Girona. Thanks to our quality level imparted in the center education and great preparation of our teachers and our facilities, we are attached to the UdG center , so that at the end of tourism and marketing studies, you will get the official title of the University of Girona. Proffesional Profile: We develop a professional profile with your best qualities and skills to have more opportunities to find work.

Course details

Who is the course for?

The students who meet any of the following requirements may enroll studies in EU Mediterrani: Entrance exams to college (PAU) – Selectivity. Training courses superior grade (CFGS y FPII)or equivalent qualifications. Entrance exams to college for over 25 years Entrance exams to college for over 45 years You have completed other studies with official degree, degree, diploma or equivalent.