Effective Hiring and Interviewing

Effective Hiring and Interviewing

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Instead of HR professionals, front-line managers are now being asked to assess their personnel needs in the workplace and make hiring —or firing—choices that fit those needs. Many managers have not been trained on how to decide among candidates to make the best choices to fit their team. These choices are not just about creating test questions or reading resumes, but also about managing the interpersonal communication that must occur between hirer and candidate. Determine current workforce needs with an eye to future changes and skills that might be needed Develop a hiring plan that maximizes your likelihood of a good hire Conduct interviews that yield good decision-making data while energizing applicants Make appropriate hiring decisions Communicate effectively with job candidates Cornell University's Professor Livingston's teaching combines well-supported theoretical evidence with real-world examples and case studies to make the subject matter both understandable and easily applicable to a wide variety of managing environments. She focuses not just on the “how” of hiring and interviewing, but on the “why” so that individual managers and decision makers can be flexible and agile in changing environments and with changing needs. This course is intended for new and lower-level managers with under three years of experience in a management role. Learners may come from every continent and industry and from a diverse range of organizations, including for profits large and small, NGOs, and governmental agencies. This course may also be beneficial for individuals wishing to move into a management role or small business owners (e.g. engineers, architects) starting a business or practice, especially from technical or clinical backgrounds.