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One out of 10 employees globally is found in hospitality and tourism. Will you be one of them? This is an introductory set of courses to the vast field of hospitality and tourism. This set of 5 high-quality courses takes the participant to a new level in understanding the business logic and working structure of hospitality and tourism, as a people business, experience business, and a business area developing fast during the years to come. This course package aims to develop a wide perspective on modern hospitality and tourism as a multi-form industry and the issues affecting it. Lessons included will explain the central concepts and definitions used in the respective business areas. Course overview This course package gives you an extensive overview of the multitude of modern hospitality and tourism business. We offer you five independent courses on key topics of the industry. The course package enables you access to the five following courses: 1. Travel & Tourism Business 2. Accommodation Business 3. Food & Beverage Management 4. Culinary Management 5. Accounting and Managing Numbers + a free bonus e-book glossary: ‘The language of Hospitality & Tourism’ to help you to get started with the terminology.

What you will learn

What you will learn
Course objectives After completing the course package, the participant: has a solid understanding of the local and global importance of the hospitality and tourism industry, the principles and codes of behavior, and how to succeed in one’s work is able to start pursuing a career in this number one business in the world knows how worldwide trends and issues shape the business Skills Upon completion of this set of courses, the participant is able to: explain the complexity of the hospitality and tourism business understand the multitude of various components of the business assess the impact of hospitality and tourism apply theories into practice in the hospitality and tourism field apply the basic skills acquired to start working in the business

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Course material: 133 videos, over 10 hours of video material, one video podcast, 26 quizzes. Estimated total study time, 10 ECTS equivalent, 270 hours of workload. Course outline Travel & Tourism Business Tutorial 1. Introduction to travel and tourism Tutorial 2. Tourism demand Tutorial 3. Tourism as a global business Tutorial 4. Sectors of travel and tourism Tutorial 5. Sustainable tourism Accommodation Business Tutorial 1. The accommodation business environment, its structure, and various business models and concepts Tutorial 2. The rooms division department Tutorial 3. Focus on Service Food & Beverage Management Tutorial 1. F&B as an operational environment Tutorial 2. Types of F&B organisations Tutorial 3. Operational management in F&B Tutorial 4. Hospitality operating systems Tutorial 5. Fluctuating customer tastes Culinary Management Tutorial 1. Professional kitchens – From past to present and Fast food to Fine dining Tutorial 2. The HoReCa business – What and How Tutorial 3. Leadership and staff management – What does it take to be a good manager? Tutorial 4. Product development Tutorial 5. Production planning Tutorial 6. Safety in a professional kitchen Tutorial 7. Marketing and Sales Tutorial 8. Career paths of a head chef Accounting and Managing Numbers Tutorial 1. Introduction to Accounting Tutorial 2. The Income Statement Tutorial 3. The Balance Sheet Tutorial 4. CVP analysis Tutorial 5. Pricing