Essentials of Nutrition and Sustainability for Food Innovators

Essentials of Nutrition and Sustainability for Food Innovators

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Food systems exist at the nexus of human health and environmental sustainability. And food makes abstract concepts personal. New discoveries, particularly in biology, are transforming everything about the food system. Every innovator in food should have a solid understanding of the latest science and how to apply it in business. In this first-of its kind course, led by a team of world-class scientist-educators from the University of California, Davis, we’ve integrated these topics in a way that reflects state-of-the art systems-thinking and intelligence. Along with a team of fellow learners, faculty, and course mentors, you will spend five weeks in a collaborative, online learning environment, gaining access to the fundamental scientific and technical information you need in order to create solutions to our most pressing food-connected problems. Click here to download a weekly course sampling. German_Bruce_400x400-380x380