Event Planning Foundations

Event Planning Foundations

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Do you excel at bringing people together? Turn your passion for event planning into a career. Event planners are employed in every industry. They bring teams together to achieve goals, celebrate milestones, bond outside the office, and work more productively. This course will give you tips, tricks, and techniques to make your next event a success—whether it's your first or fifty-first. Valerie Berry covers topics such as understanding your client's objectives, selecting a venue, getting the right technology in place, negotiating a budget, and building menus. Plus, learn how to manage the thousands of details that occur in the two weeks leading to an event, and follow up afterwards to make sure your clients and your vendors are satisfied. Identify the two most important principles of event planning. Describe the process of negotiating a budget for an event. Explain the most important factors when planning a menu. Summarize the different types of vendors and what they offer. Cite the various options for ground transportation and how to choose the best type for your event.