Financing Real Estate Investments

Financing Real Estate Investments

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Real estate investment is a popular way to accumulate wealth, but you don't have to be rich to get started. That's because there are many ways to finance real estate investments to raise the equity you need and structure debt beneficially. Calculate the cash flow distribution "waterfall" that is part of the promote structure of profit sharing in a private equity deal Model duration to clarify the timing of cash returns and determine the modified internal rates of return (IRR) on real estate investments Determine the size of the mortgage that meets the needs of lenders and investors Calculate the true costs of mortgage loans, taking into account a wide range of possible fees and features In this course, you will explore both sides of the financing equation to understand what equity and debt partners want, how to structure financing for a high likelihood of approval and rate of return, and how to perform analyses that are critical to success. Not only will these analyses upgrade your skills, the sophisticated spreadsheet tools you use can be applied immediately to real-life opportunities. The course Real Estate Investment Decisions is required to be completed prior to starting this course.