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General Receptionist

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This General Receptionist course will help you obtain the basic office skills necessary to perform professionally and efficiently the daily tasks required of a receptionist. As you progress through each lesson you will learn how to become a skilled receptionist in today's technology-based offices. What Is A Receptionist Exactly? A receptionist is an administrative or clerical worker who normally works in a business's waiting area, lobby or front desk. The term "receptionist" refers to the person who receives guests, customers, clients or patients. They also answer all incoming calls to the business, and transfer them accordingly. Of course, the receptionist does much more than just receive visitors and answer the phone. They usually have many additional responsibilities, and are often the eyes and ears of a company. There are different types of receptionists, but all types have the same general responsibilities. A receptionist at a law firm and a receptionist at a doctor's office will both receive clients and patients, and have similar responsibilities such as answering the phone and general clerical duties, but each will have responsibilities directly tied to the industry they work in. In the hospitality industry, receptionists are often called "front desk clerks". They have the same responsibilities as general receptionists, but front desk clerks also make reservations and register guests. The duties of the receptionist can vary significantly, with some only having mild clerical work and telephone work, while others might be responsible for making travel arrangements and handling the business's accounting and bookkeeping. However, there is one thing that all receptionists have in common…and that is that all receptionists welcome guests to a business. They are the first interaction a client or customer will have with the business, and therefore, are extremely important to the success of the company.