Course overview

With a combination of theoretical and practical modules, the IBA in Event Management will equip you with the knowledge and skills needed to professionally manage events in a variety of sectors.

What you will learn

What you will learn
The syllabus is informed by the idea that event managers have a range of creative and technical responsibilities that often shift with every project and the fact they are in charge of research, planning as well as overseeing execution, often in minute detail. Core modules include: Event Operations and Project Planning Event Marketing and Communication Market Research in International Events Media Technology (Events Management) Corporate Entrepreneurship Final Project

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Who is the course for?

There are a number of opportunities for graduates looking to build a career in event management. In addition to a salary, some companies will even award their employees with commissions for a job well done. Charity organizations – Working for charity organizations, who arrange plenty of funding and other events to promote their work, is considered a good learning ground for those wishing to enter the events industry. Conference organizers – Conferences has become a lucrative part of the event management industry, not only for the private sector with its different service providers but also for the public sector as cities vie to host big, international conferences. In both sectors opportunities resides for young, eager graduates wishing to learn the tricks of the trade. Marketing and Event Manager Exhibition Coordinator Facility and Venue Manager Event Administrator Conference manager Banqueting Manager Producer in an event organization Wedding planner Public relations manager Do keep in mind, the event industry does not only consist of event managers and their assistants. There are also plenty or supporting personnel which on the surface look like their roles have nothing to do with the event industry yet they play a crucial role such as IT experts, product developers and financial managers.