Course overview

This Hotel Management programme is particularly suitable for hospitable students with entrepreneurial flair, commercial insight, and an international focus. To help you succeed in this Hospitality Industry, we pay considerable attention to management skills, communication, and other essential professional qualities.

What you will learn

Hospitality ​During your studies hospitality is the common thread. You learn all about the international hotel industry, the value of hospitality, and the differences worldwide. ​ Business The business side of the profession is fully discussed during the course. Think of subjects such as business economics, marketing, organizational management, consumer behavior, and entrepreneurship. ​ Communication ​Communication is an important theme. It's reflected in topics and subjects such as target group-oriented communication, event communication, personal development, English, and a second modern language.

Course details

Who is the course for?

The programme will provide you with everything you need to start your career with confidence. In the space of four years you will learn how to successfully lead a company in the hospitality business, as an entrepreneur or a manager. You will know how to translate guests’ wishes into appealing products and how to balance running a healthy business and providing excellent service for your guests.